What To Expect
While your pet is with us, you can expect him or her to be cared for in a thoughtful, knowledgeable and loving manner. We will provide secure, clean and safe accommodations for your pet. We feed premium dog and cat foods to provide optimum nutrition.

Routine care includes twice daily feeding. If provided, your pet's regular diet may be substituted for the food we feed.  In addition, a special bed-time treat is given last thing at night.
Bedding is provided, but your pets own bed may be brought from home if desired.
Animal quarters are cleaned as necessary, but at least twice daily.
If desired, and if it is deemed appropriate, your pet may have the opportunity to socalize with oher dogs of similar size. 

Additional special care, such as walks, extra play time, grooming, and training are available...ask about extra services and costs.

In the event of an unexpected medical problem with your pet, we will make every effort to contact you or your designated emergency contact. You can be assured that prompt veterinary care will be provided by knowledgeable, experienced caretakers.