This is a typical class about four weeks into the six week session.  The dogs are performing alternate sits and downs to help them focus on their owner and not pay attention to what the dogs next to them are doing.  The first night or two of class are usually a little "wild" with a combination of dogs of various sizes, temperaments and levels of socialization, confidence and training.  By the end of class we ALWAYS see a vast improvement in each dog, especially in the areas of improved confidence and control.
Class is a fun social time for both dogs and their trainers...come join us!


We are no longer offering training classes.  For information about private lessons, give us a call.

Congratulations to the members of the first CGC Prep Class ... new CGCs include Taji, the South African Boerboel; Sadie, the Australian Shepherd mix; Miu, the Newfoundland; and Nuala, the Irish Wolfhound...Kadee, the Rottweiler came within a whisker of passing all her tests...she'll get it next time!
Congratulations to Sharon Freeman and JJ (GCh. Glacier Points Jazzy Kinda Blue RN) He recently completed his title in Rally Novice! 
Sharon's daughter, Kristen, took some time out from handling in conformation to win a second place trophy in the California State Frisbee championships with Reilly!
 Great job, ladies ... proud of whatever help our classes have bee