Our boarding facility is at our home, so we are able to provide around the clock care.

The dog runs are in-and-out runs.  This means that each dog has a spacious area of approximately 70 sq feet.  50 square feet is an outdoor enclosed run and the other 20 sq feet is an indoor sleeping area.  The dog may come and go between these two areas at will.  The indor area is climate controlled and the outdoor area is covered.  The size of the space will easily accommodate two dogs from the same family.   These runs are adjacent to small exercise yards so that the dogs in these runs my also access the play yard for socialization with other dogs during the day.  Socialization is determined by the owners wishes and then by the kennel manager's evaluation of temperament and suitability of the dogs in attendance each day. In addition to the standard runs, we also have larger runs of approximately 200 sq feet.  These runs are used for multiple pets from one household, very large dogs, and/or dogs who are not appropriate for group socialization. 

The cats are maintained in an indoor facility in our kitty-kondos.  Each cat area is approximately 3 feet high with a glass front for viewing.  The floor of the condo can accommodate a litter box, food and water dishes and a bed...in addition there are two upper level perches which the cats love to lounge on most of the time.  We also have an enclosed cat patio which allows the cats to spend some time enjoying the outdoors in a safe contained area.

Birds are cared for in our home.  We have two parrots of our own...regular bird boarders include cockatiels,  parrots and macaws.  

Our Facility